J. Picas

Three generations in the service
of engraving and medals

What we do

We do any type of embossed and chiseling as well as engraving to be applied to any other works, techniques and arts that require it, valuing the artistic look and the exclusivity over the industrial aspects.

We can make pieces of silver, EDM models, jewelry and casting, prototyping, molds minting of medals, printing, etc.

We also offer the possibility of small minting production, stamping, resins, etc.

Our knowledge is based on years of experience in work done for clients in many sectors. And it is this knowledge what we offer to each and every customer that reach us every day with new projects, treating them as unique works, putting all our skills and senses to achieve a final work in the most appropriate way to their needs.

In our workshop we know that an order will only be satisfactory for the customer if they are perfect each of the processes needed to complete it.

Who we are


Our workshop is the result of a long family tradition, founded by Sadurní Picas in 1939, who after training in the Llotja and collaboration with the goldsmiths workshop Corberó i Sunyer established himself as engraver and embosser.

The second generation, Joan Picas, learned the craft from his father complemented with art studies at the Escola Massana. For many years the workshop had an exclusively handcrafted character working in goldsmithing, engraving and embossed.

The industrialization of silverware and jewelry during the past century supposed that the office of embosser and engraver got almost lost and the workshop embraced the engraving of molds and dies in steel for industrial production. The fact of having the office of carver can bring superior quality to the finish with this technique.

We have always worked to meet the needs of other businesses and artisans, as medalists, goldsmiths, silversmiths, etc.. keeping us always as an small shop and strictly familiar.

Thanks to the continuing ability to adapt to market needs and overcome the difficulties of every moment, now the third generation is in charge of the company. The sons of Joan Picas, trained in the workshop and with artistic studies at the Escola Massana, keep alive the family legacy, which is an art form to learn and do the job, doing work worthy of the values ​​and philosophy that for more than 70 years have imbued our task, carrying out a project were come together craft, tradition, history and innovation.

Sadurní Picas, workshop founded. Joan Picas, the second generation. Joan Picas, the third generation. Jordi Picas, the third generation.

How we work


For transfer the ideas and projects to projects ready for production (dies, molds, models, prototypes, etc.) we have a deep understanding of manual techniques and essential craftsmanship such as sculpture, embossing, chiseling and modeling, as well as tools for their machining.

When we receive an order, whether an idea or a project defined by the client, we develop the model depending on the desired final result, from an engraving embossing directly to a model or chiselling through the sculptures in plaster and the resin.

The result is a piece or prototype with high quality. The models developed with the techniques of repoussé and chased have a plasticity and a much higher definition and provide a high quality to the models of medals and to the jewelry models (casting, prototyping) as well as to the EDM models.


Clients who have trusted us

Here are some of the firms with whom we have cooperated during all these years:


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